Top Educational Sites for Children in New York City


Field trips can be both fun and educational for scout troops or groups of students. There are many places that a New York City educational tour could visit. Here is a look at some of the top educational sites for children in NYC.

American Museum of Natural History – Highlights are the Discovery Room, the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life and the Hayden Planetarium which has the largest virtual reality simulator in the world.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum – At this museum you can see restored aircraft, the Concorde and the former USS Growler submarine. You can also check out a high-tech simulator to see what it is like to fly a jet or travel in space.

Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Met has exhibits from all over the world and throughout time. It offers traveling exhibitions throughout the year.

Guggenheim Museum – Designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this museum has masterworks from many famous artists including Picasso, Monet and Cézanne.

Science Barge – This is an off the grid farm using sustainable energy which is irrigated with rainwater. There are programs about the technologies used on the farm.

Bronx Zoo – This zoo is arranged by nature zones and is the biggest urban zoo in the country.

New York Aquarium – Located on Coney Island, this is the oldest operating aquarium in the US.

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