Long weekend

We have another long weekend this month. Do you have plans of spending it out-of-town or a staycation somewhere nice and quiet? The family might be meeting a niece from Gensan this weekend. The young lady will be meeting her Manila-based cousins for the first time. We hope to bring her to SM Mall of Asia. We hope to see if the indoor amusement park which is located at the center of the mall is already completed.

Pristine beaches

Hubby has been planning about this short vacation to Gensan since he went home for his father’s funeral last month. He was enthralled by the pristine beaches in Gensan. One particular beach resort that hubby and his siblings visited was playing some local instrumental music. He’s not sure whether it was eb horn that produces…

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The Appeal of the Window Seat

As a kid growing up, I remember fighting tooth and nail with my sister, just so I could get to sit by the car window. Car air-conditioning wasn’t so popular then, so I basked in the warmth of the sun hitting my face, and the wind whizzing past me. More than that, what I loved…

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Important Things to Secure Before You Retire

You’re happy, golden years are about to happen and you want to make sure that you are prepared for it. You are looking forward to clocking out one last time and finally being free to do the things that you have always wanted to do. Yet, there are some things that you ought to secure…

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Important travel tips on a rainy day

Be 100% sure if you really need to travel during a rainy season. This is the most important rule to consider if you are planning to go through a rainy weather today. Think whether it can be cancelled or it really needs your presence now so you will not end up risking yourself. Here are…

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