Visit to the NBP

One of my memorable trips when I was working was that of the trip at the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. The purpose was an interview with inmate who perform tattoo using improvised gadgets. I was able to keep this image to show you how the tattoo artist used handmade tattooing tool covered with thick layers of thread. The man holding the gadget was a known tattoo artist at the tightly-guarded area. Another inmate proudly showed the tattoo designs on his back. Tattoos are permanent so just in case the inmates want to have their tattoo removed, the tattoo artist doesn’t have a tattoo remover. The artist can only modify the tattoo, but cannot remove it.

Couples Retreat – Barbados Villas Make a Romantic Hot Spot

By James Eder [View from Secret Garden at Merlin Bay, a luxury villa in Barbados, Caribbean] A single red rose, sprouting from a slender vase, decorates the table. Beside you is a tall bottle of wine, aged to perfection, that has just been set down. Slowly, you lift your glass, gently clinking it against your…

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Tips on Travelling to the Philippines

Philippines is known to be one of the fastest rising destinations in Asia because of the different places that it can offer. From its main airport which is Manila, tourists can travel to various places that can showcase the country’s history. It cannot be denied however that most tourists who go to the Philippines go…

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How to Beat Jetlag in 5 Steps

Planning for holiday travelling should be a fun time. Deciding where to go, what to see, where to eat… this should all be exciting! But the mood can become dampened when you take jetlag into account. Jetlag can cut your trip short or make coming back trickier if you do not take steps to combat…

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