Important travel tips on a rainy day


Be 100% sure if you really need to travel during a rainy season. This is the most important rule to consider if you are planning to go through a rainy weather today. Think whether it can be cancelled or it really needs your presence now so you will not end up risking yourself. Here are some tips for you to check before a wet travel.

  • Pack essentials. Umbrella, a plastic bag, biscuits and water or medications, always have these in your bag.
  • Safety. If you are traveling by your car, check it first and tune to radio stations. Make sure you have a radio with clear looping machine amplifiers that will give you clear updates on route to avoid.
  • Charge your mobile phone. A text or call is very important if you are in a risky situation like if you need to change industrial motor in an unfamiliar place.

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Manila Day 2016

Manila Day. Araw ng Maynila. This special non-working holiday applies to the City of Manila only. It honors the 1571 founding of the city by Miguel López de Legaspi. The editorial cartoon will be published by People’s Tonight tomorrow, June 24, 2016. Drawing by N.

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Rizal Park

The historic Rizal Park today is a lot different from the Rizal Park I used to know when I was a kid.  One improvement, for example, is the development of dancing fountains located at the Luneta lagoon. Hundreds or even millions of people have already visited the spectacle. People who flock to the park to…

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Music video teaser

Photo grabbed from the Music Video Teaser for Digital Arts Project and Presentation Exhibit 10.0. The video, I think, was filmed inside the FEU campus in Manila. The exhibit and awarding will be on Friday, May 20, 2016. I’d be happy to attend the event. 🙂

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