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Taoist Temple, Cebu City

One of the few (relics) pictures I was able to scan. I hope I could upload and scan more pictures here (wish me luck)l. By the way, pardon the poor quality of picture.

I was able to reach this beautiful place of Cebu through a sponsored trip of the World Health Organization.

My entry for


More travel games for kids

Remember what I wrote about toys that you can bring and games that your child can play while traveling? Aside from psp (as earlier posted), older kids will surely have fun with xbox 360. I think this is one of the popular games among kids today. They can play xbox 360 anywhere they want and even while travelling. And to enhance the kids’ gaming experience, mommies, don’t forget to bring extra batteries, chargers and xbox 360 hdmi cable to keep your kids’ enjoyable time. 🙂

Something about caps

Most if not all photos of my kids are wearing caps. My kids are just used to wearing caps wherever we go. They wear caps when we go to the mall, park or simply when they run errands for mommy. Caps Hats, serve as their protection from the heat of the sun and cold weather at night. The kids will bring one to the school field trip next month with all the other necessary stuff like extra shirt, light jacket or windbreaker, face towel, and water bottle in a carry all backpack.