Monthly Archives: February 2011

Walking versus biking

Hubby is thinking if he’s going to resume his biking activity. For a while, he was regularly using his bike to run errands and for a brief exercise in the morning. And then he thought of walking as an alternative to biking. Hubby is not that young anymore so long distance walking may not be advisable as he is also hypertensive. When I read about tren xtreme reviews I learn that even without taking supplements to build muscle, both biking and walking can help him maintain his physique. Hubby just needs the right timing to continue his biking activity.

Meeting our future Canadian nephew-in-law

My husband’s niece and her fiancé will be visiting us in April. Mai will introduce her future husband to her relatives in Manila. I think the guy who lives in Canada wants to settle down this year and while he is here he wants to visit as many places with his future wife as possible. The guy loves to travel and he has seen so many places during his brief stay in Gensan last year. I’m not sure about their plan after marriage. But if Mai’s parents have a choice, perhaps they would still want their daughter to live in their place. She doesn’t have to worry about paying cheap home insurance because her fiancé will surely take care of everything for her and her family.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Are you the adventurous type? Will you dare to try hot air balloon rides just for the sake of making your Valentine’s Day a little different this year?

I’ll take the challenge if I have the chance to do it. I admit I’m afraid of heights especially when I’m standing on the glass floor or near the glass window of a building, it made me feel like throwing up. But the feeling is a lot different when I’m riding an airplane or a helicopter. I really enjoyed the whole experience. So anything like hot air balloon rides would most likely be an enjoyable adventure for me, too. Ok, I’m dropping hints to my husband here. I’m not sure if he’s going to give in to my request to witness the 16th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clarkfield, Pampanga.

I really wish to ride a hot air balloon and experience the feeling like I’m floating up in the air. Hubby and I can make it a little romantic though. Have you seen the movie, “The Ugly Truth”? I really love the hot air balloon scene where Gerard Butler gave Katherine Heigl a long and passionate kiss as they fly off. It happened shortly after a brief argument and then the admission that they love each other.

Now, do you agree with me when I say that riding hot air balloon can be one of the perfect Gift ideas for lovers on V-Day? If you’re in for an adventure and interested to try hot air balloon ride especially in Australia, you may check out the links within this post to see what they have to offer. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!