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Watery Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday: Oreo’s Paw Print

Our dog Oreo loves to wade in basin or pail full of water. One time he was able to make his way to the laundry area and saw this basin with half full water. He dips his paw into the water leaving his paw print at the bottom of the sudsy water.

Here’s the little rascal. 😀

An entry for  Watery Wednesday and Wordless Wednesday.

Travel must-have

According to my daughter, her MP3 player and in ear headphones has helped her during their travel to Villa Escudero which is more than two hours away from Manila. She is not used to long travel, but her MP3 was her company during the trip. She told me that the good sound from her music gadget was like lulling her to sleep. She was not bothered after all by the noise emanating from the bus engine or the chatting and laughter of her classmates.

Going on a vacation

My family is supposed to go on a short vacation in General Santos City this year. But for some unexpected reason the plan has been moved to an indefinite date. There are still a lot of things to consider before we can leave for Gensan. First, hubby has to file a vacation leave and check with the personnel department about disability insurance. Second, we need to add more funds for the trip. We have allocated a budget for this travel last year, but the kids got sick and we spend the money for their treatment.