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Skywatch Friday: Ascencion Church in Villa Escudero

This is the Ascencion Church found inside the vast Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in San Pablo City, Laguna. It was a Spanish-style church and being used as a museum. I wonder why it was painted in pastel pink. My daughter took this picture during her educational field trip last January.

My entry for Skywatch Friday

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Don’t forget to label important medicine when traveling

If you are planning your next trip somewhere, make sure you have a sturdy pack or box for you first aid kit or medicine. If you are on medication for your weight loss problem, say perhaps adapexin-p, you can put a label on a small container so it won’t mix with your migraine pills and other prescriptions. Labeling helps you find your medicine easier especially when you have a lot of bags for your business or personal travel. For myself, I place all my pills inside my hand-carry luggage for convenience.

Why I Love to Visit Museums

One of the things I enjoy about going to the museum is seeing the century old artifacts from different parts of the country. I know its kind of weird but there is something in historical items that made feel nostalgic. It felt like I traveled through history when I see those artifacts. There is one downside with museum visit though, I’m having trouble reading small print of historical documents on display. I wish I’m using reading glasses in order to read very fine prints, if not, I will only be looking at tattered papers with unreadable text.

Anyway, my last museum visit was in mid-2000 as part of special media coverage. I wish to go back to the museum I’ve visited if given the opportunity.