Monthly Archives: August 2011

Manila Zoo 2000

My daughter’s first visit to Manila Zoo. I’m not sure if the elephant behind us is the same beleaguered elephant named Mali.  You can read more of Mali here. Linking this to  

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Fighting boredom while traveling

Traveling long distance is not my husband’s cup of tea. Good thing he was able to find himself an inexpensive means of entertainment while traveling to and from work. He got a cellphone with tv feature. Now he can watch his favorite program through his cellphone. He can also catch up on late night news….

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On Flower Deliveries and Traveling Light

Anyone who invented the phrase “travel light” might have been a seasoned traveler himself and probably have experienced the hassles of travelling with a huge backpack and several hand carries on either hands on one or two occasions that he has made it his new mantra to not carry his entire wardrobe or bedroom the…

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