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Summer getaway or Staycation

Are you planning to have a grand vacation this summer or you prefer to have a “staycation”? If you haven’t decided yet on where to go or place to stay, better start going through stream of brochures for a family or group accommodation. There are a lot of options to choose from depending on your budget. You can opt to stay in hotels or inns. There are low-budget hotels where they offer a spacious family room, it’s like you hit a bedroom sale because of their affordability. While you are having a grand time in some known vacation spots, you can enjoy swimming, camping or hiking, and a lot more outdoor activities that spells f-u-n.

If you choose to have a “staycation” or vacation at home, you can come up with a lot of worthwhile activities to do for the whole family. You can watch a lot of new and rerun movies together, read books, play board games, or simply enjoy listening to the soothing music of your favorite artist. You can prepare a variety of delicious food at home without spending a lot. But having a staycation doesn’t mean you are bound at home the whole time. You can still explore around your place, visit the park or museum or watch movie together. There are a lot of things to do this summer. The possibilities are endless you just have to apportion your time wisely.

Religious feast coverage

Black Nazarene devotees

It took several hours for my former officemate photographer to cover the recent feast of the Black Nazarene in Manila. He had to wait for the procession to slowly move from Quirino Grandstand to Quiapo. This is not his first coverage for the same event though, but this one is the longest to finish. According to news report, the procession ended after 22 hours. Good thing he brought extra aaa rechargeable batteries for his photography equipment while shooting and got stuck somewhere in the procession. I borrowed a couple of his photographs to share here.

Photo credit: Ver Noveno of PJI

Skywatch Friday: Castles in Germany


Mad Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle.

Pictures taken by Flor Antz

Skywatch Friday