Monthly Archives: February 2012

How to Plan Your Spring Break Trip

With spring break just around the corner, college students left and right are once more on the lookout for good deals on cruises and vacations. After months of grueling work and studying, you feel that you deserve no less than pure, unadulterated fun- and for good measure! With the plethora of vacation options sitting in…

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Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Photo credit: Ron Mallari They came in different sizes and interesting shapes. If you attended the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Free Port in Pampanga this year, you have seen this pre-valentine flying cake. I hope I can take a closer look at this gigantic balloon, but I can only enjoy them in pictures…

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The best place to be this summer

Have you figured out where to spend your summer? If you are planning to fly to New York this summer and haven’t decided yet where to stay with your big family in tow, you can try Hamptons Rentals. They’ve got big houses with complete amenities to enjoy. I’m sure you won’t miss home once you’ve…

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