Monthly Archives: April 2012


My nephew will spend his vacation in the Philippines after working for more than a year in the Middle East as a nurse. My daughter is also excited for his older cousin’s homecoming because she’s going to receive a new set of color pencil from him as a little gift for the drawing (of Kurt Cobain) that she made for him last month. From the list of presents that my nephew prepares for his relatives in Gensan, I’m sure it includes cashmere gifts for girlfriend Wen.

See you when I see you, G.  Have a safe trip!

Charter Fishing

Hubby loves to share a lot of interesting stories of his childhood to his own children. One of those amazing stories includes his love for fishing as a young boy. He said he and an older brother would catch fish in the seashore using only the traditional fishing gadget made of bamboo. The older brother apparently is the more seasoned one when it comes to fishing sans the modern fishing tools. Had they stayed longer in General Santos, both of them could still be enjoying fishing activity, and who knows they might be partners in Charter Fishing. General Santos City, the widely known Tuna Capital of the Philippines, is a good place for charter fishing or big game fishing.


I’m amazed at the dedication of museum curators to handle every historical pieces found inside the museum. One example is the Aguinaldo Shrine in Cavite. It used to be the ancestral home of the First President of the Philippine Republic Emilio Aguinaldo and his family before his descendants decided to donate it to the national government as part of  cultural heritage.

I’ve already mentioned this in my previous post that curators are particular about details of keeping everything in order inside the museum. Curators make sure that even the alloc flooring is safe for guests and visitors to walk on. Someone who is task to do the job of a curator must be truly proud to be a part of conservation effort of historic items.