Monthly Archives: May 2012

Installation Concept Art

Azucacera by Nikki Luna Currently on display at the Lopez Museum Those diamond-looking items are real sugars shaped into diamond by young artist Nikki Luna. They are not brad sugars, but ordinary sugar like the ones found in the kitchen. So what does the sugar diamonds imply as part of her exhibit at the Lopez…

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Where the action is

I may have said this over and over, but I can’t hide the fact that I’m still excited about my last coverage. Maybe because I missed to be where the action is – covering the beat. Yes, the passion is still there and will never forget how it feels. Armed with pen, paper and if…

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BEAT Exhibit at the Lopez Memorial Museum

I had a chance to visit this museum a few days ago. The kids have expressed their interest to tag along, but as much as I want to bring them to the launching, I simply can’t, it was a coverage and mommy needs to work. I had a great time during the museum tour and…

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