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The River Station and Livelihood Center in Las Piñas

The River Station and Livelihood Center formerly Molino Dam in Las Piñas. Taken during an organized tour in Las Piñas.

Did you know that one can reach Cavite  (from Las Piñas and vice versa) in a matter of minutes by paying one peso to the push cart operator (seen at the other end of the river bank).

The brief history of Molino River and how it became the River Station and Livelihood Center of today.

Parks and playgrounds

Kids need to play outside for socialization and physical development. If looking for available playground or open space is a bit of a problem to you, you can visit Quezon City Memorial Circle, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and La Mesa Eco Park. They are all located in Quezon City. I haven’t visited these parks for quite a long time so I can’t tell if Jungle Gyms have been added as one of the public attractions.

The kids and I will try to visit these parks and other historical sites in Manila before the opening of classes next month. We would love to have a meaningful summer vacation without spending a lot. 🙂

Off-Road Car Journeys

Off-road driving can be one of the most exciting experiences of our lives. All those yummy mummies cluttering up the school gates in their SUV’s and 4×4’s have no idea what those cars are capable of and will probably never push them to their full capacity. Taking the cars over the terrain they were designed for is thrilling, and surely using the cars for their correct purpose is what it’s all about.

There are now centres all over the British Isles offering off-road driving experiences, where you can learn new skills including how to perform a full vehicle check before setting off, how to tackle mud-slides and the best way to ford a river without getting out of your car. Pembrokeshire in Wales has many such centres, and most offer one-on-one tuition to begin with. The Scottish Off Road Driving Centre has courses that run for an hour, several hours or even a full day, depending on how enthusiastic you are. The added advantage of Scotland for learning is that there are many rocky highlands, loch-side trails and cavernous glens to explore once you have learnt the basics. Always check in advance if you are allowed to drive off road however – certain areas allow it and others impose heavy fines; for example, if you begin churning up areas of national heritage you are likely to be very unpopular! Sell your car with Auto Trader and you could purchase your own 4×4 and go off road whenever the mood takes you.

With 4×4’s coming in all the time from individual sellers, garages and dealers alike, Auto Trader will be able to find you the perfect set of wheels for your new hobby. Take the Jeep Cherokee – we currently have one on offer for less that £7k, and it’s perfect for off roading. All Cherokees are tested for off road capabilities at the manufacturing stage – after all, it’s what they’re designed for. Or you could try the Toyota Landcruiser with power steering and traction control for around £8,000, or the Mercedes-Benz G Class with BFG all-terrain tyres.