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Significance of field trips to students

Aside from interactive learning, field trips provide entertainment for young and older students alike. They look forward to the date of the field trip and motivates them to do other school-related activities.

Field trips provide leeway to their “routinary” life inside the school. It serves as breather and later help them to be more engrossed inside the classroom.

My own kids are excited as their field trip nears. They wish the bus service for their field trip will have a better sound system so they will be able to hear clearly any announcement from the teacher guide. If there will be problem in the audio system, the bus owner should provide affordable power to back the audio system up.

My kids will be visiting Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Base and they will have a chance to go shopping at the Duty Free Shop.

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Planning a trip at the Manila Ocean Park

We have been planning a trip at the Manila Ocean Park as long as I can remember. But similar with our other travel plans, it has been shelved for a number of reasons. But with my kids getting more persistent these days, they are growing up you see, who knows we might just end up visiting Manila Ocean Park one fine weekend.

Surprise! Hubby just reserved four tickets at the Aquanaut Voyage. He doesn’t have to sign blank job application because he purchased the tickets via salary deduction. The kids are excited and so am I!

School Field Trip in Subic

Both my kids are excited to join the school field trip in Subic next month. It would be my daughter’s first visit in Subic while it would be my son’s second time there. I don’t worry so much about them going on a trip without me as their companion. My kids are big enough to take care of themselves and besides there are teachers and other school officials who will look after them during the trip. There is also a chance for the kids to go shopping (hope the shopping money arrives before the field trip date) at the Duty Free Shop. I told my daughter to buy pandora charms or a slim fitting shirt for me and since we love chocolates a lot, I ask my son to grab some chocolate bars for us . 🙂