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Pour into Rain Gear at All Weather Gear

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Sister’s mini vacay

Sister and I had a chance to catch up the other day. She was here for a short vacation. While she’s here, she requested my husband to check her netbook after it failed to boot. It turned out the computer’s operating system is corrupted. Hubby has no other recourse but to format hard drive and reinstall the necessary software. He also suggested to upgrade the computer’s operating system to Windows 7. My sister is thankful to hubby for restoring her netbook. The repair will definitely cost her a sum if she brought it to a computer repair shop.

Sister will go back to Macau tomorrow (Tuesday) and will return by March for her son’s graduation.

What is your dream travel destination?

My personal list is endless. And more places have been added to the long list after I read a post about the Department of Tourism’s program called Lakbay Jose Rizal @150 last month. The article tells about the tourist’s experiences and the places and sites that she went to under the DOT project.

It was actually a contest (that ended last June) for the first 100 pilgrims who get to visit all the Rizal sites with the proof of the complete stamps in a passport-like booklet.

Some of the places visited by Rizal include the areas in Bulacan, Camarines Norte, Cebu, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Laguna, Manila, Negros Oriental, Pampanga, Zamboanga del Norte.

If I have a chance to visit any of those places, I would bring with me a sound system with excellentaudio interface logic for a superb listening experience while on a vacation.

I hope DOT will conduct a part two of this contest for others who failed to join the initial project.

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