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Rizal Day


Remembering Dr. Jose Rizal’s martyrdom


Best Fireman T Shirts

You can find the best fireman shirts from our company. These t-shirts are well designed in different ways to give a choice to our customers depending on their tastes and preferences. They are made from a light material which allows the wearer to wear it underneath another gear while on duty without causing him or her any discomfort. They minimize the sweating in the course of performance which may hinder the functionality or slow down the pace of doing the task. Wearing a heavy t-shirt would restrict the motion of the wearer hence risking life in the mission. These t-shirts are designed to assist the wearer in his or her mission, with easy to remove if need be. They have writings on them which help in distinguishing the fire men from other people as this gives them easy access to an area which needs rescue. We mainly use cotton in making them as it easily absorbs sweat, most times produced while on a mission. Our customers have a choice on the colour they would like to have as well as the design. They can be as polo shirts or round neck with different colour patterns.

The external vest carrier is worn by law enforcers to allow easy and faster identification by non- law enforcers. The main duty of law enforcers is to make sure that there is law and order in the country. They therefore wear this vest to help the public in identifying them. They are usually brightly coloured to allow their visibility from a distance away. The public can seek help from the law enforcers as well as reporting on a case of malpractice happening in the surrounding. The silhouette on the vest in most cases can reflect light from a distance. This also helps in easier identification by the public. A strong material is used in making this vest as it is worn all the day and sometimes at night if the law enforcer is on duty. We make high quality products which suit different needs and are affordable if you want to purchase. We use high technology in making these vests which has given us a competitive edge over our rivals in the business for a long period of time.

Affordable Military Boots and Tactical Equipment

At we sell army uniform boots ideal for your next mission, training and other performances by the solders, the military as well as for people who would to use them for shooting competitions. The uniform boots are in various colours such as black, brown and tarn, which makes them easily camouflage with different terrains. They are made high, usually above the ankles to protect the ankles from any injury. The feet support the body’s weight most of the time and should therefore be taken care of to give optimum functioning. The army spent most of their mission time in the field and their feet play an important role whether in walking in rough terrain, in running, rope climbing or even in loading and offloading of trucks. Made from a strong durable material, the boots can last for a long period of time without wearing out. The inner part is made of soft material which helps in absorbing the sweat produced by the feet thus increasing the comfort. They are well ventilated to supply the toes fresh air and prevent bad smell from the feet, an important component in remaining effective to the wearer.

Visit out store to find out more information on military multicam gear which has been in use by the military for a long period of time. They are made of materials which can readily camouflage in almost seven colours. They reflect different colour shades to the eye hence giving a competitive advantage over the enemy. The material used easily matches with the wearer’s body to camouflage on the background. The wide range of colours allows this gear to be used in different backgrounds. The military has adopted the multicam gear over the years and this has made it succeed in various missions. With the main object of a mission being to conquer the uniform used by the military should help in accomplishing this purpose. With the multicam gear which ranges from the vests, the back packs, the weapon carriers as well as the shirts and trousers, a successful camouflage can be achieved through the right choice of the gear for a particular mission. When choosing the gear for a mission, you should put the mission’s background into consideration.