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Tips for Choosing Best Sunglasses

There has been a rapid increase in the eye problems around the world. This is mainly due to increase in the amount of UV radiation that is reaching the atmosphere, mainly due to the global warming. Eye specialists now recommend that people should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, because overexposure to these rays can lead to various eye problems ranging from irritations to cataracts, or even skin cancer.

Let痴 have a close look at few important features of good sunglasses, which will help you in choosing the right pair:

* UV protection-A high quality sunglasses will have UV protection details right on their product label. There are various types of UV radiation. UVB radiations are more harmful for the eyes than UVA radiation. High quality sunglasses will block 99-100 percent UVA and UVB rays. So examine the UV protection details on the product to ensure that you get the right level of protection for your eyes.

*Quality of lenses-There is different types of sunglass lenses with each having its own functionality:

姫olarized lenses can filter some horizontal light waves, thereby reducing the blinding glare and resulting eyes train.

姫olycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact resistant, with good optical clarity.

姫hotochromic lenses lighten or darken automatically according to change in light intensities and protect your eyes under varying light conditions.

稗lue-blocking sunglass lenses provide extra protection to all those light-colored or blue eyes as they may be susceptible to macular damage due to blue light.

筆irror coated lenses are best for various activities. Some coatings can resist scratches or repel water and fog. offers wide range of LOC sunglasses.

* Frame design-Frames of sunglasses are as important as lenses. A small frame may not be able to protect eyes from UV rays entering from sides. However, frames that are too big might be too heavy and uncomfortable. High quality sunglasses should have proper frames to offer style, comfort and complete protection.

Top online stores offer wide range of sunglasses, and you can easily find the right combination of affordable and durable lenses and frames to protect eyes while keeping you in comfort and style. The best thing about these stores is that you can shop right from the comforts of your home and your sunglasses will be shipped right to your door. They also offer other custom items like wood pendants, bandanas, and custom flask, all of which you can find more information here.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Today’s holidaymakers have never had it so good. Yes – the cost of living has gone up, the Euro is at crisis point and many of us can barely afford the taxi to the airport, let alone a week-long trip. But somehow we always manage to cobble together just enough to see us through, and when you reach your final destination, you know it’s certainly money well spent.

Thanks to the huge array of package holidays, weekend getaways, city breaks, beach weeks and low-cost scheduled flights available, there is a tantalising choice of destinations that can suit virtually every taste and budget. From Kos to Croatia, Malta to Morocco; city to coast and lake to mountain, there are thousands upon thousands of different options available to appeal to holidaymakers from all walks of life.

For those who like stress-free trips where everything is arranged, package holidays are usually the best option. Fly away safe in the knowledge that your flights, accommodation and local transfers are all taken care of, and you’ll also get a locally-based representative to help you during your stay. One such package holiday operator is Thomas Cook, a UK-based holiday giant that’s been in the business for decades. You can find Thomas Cook holidays online, making it easy to whittle down the options and compare prices, or pop into a high street branch to discuss your needs face-to-face.

For those who like to go their own way, you’ll find a seemingly endless choice of flights from dozens of UK airports, travelling here, there and everywhere. Take your pick. A weekend in Rome? A fortnight in the Caribbean? A cheap jaunt to the Spanish coast? The only problem you’ll have is deciding where to go.

It’s all there for the taking – it’s just a matter of finding your favourite.

$10* Flights to Celebrate 10 Millionth Passenger

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