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Our Ocean Adventure in 2010

This is a post I originally wrote in 2010.

Here’s one of two videos taken from our guided park tour inside the Ocean Adventure (Subic, Olongapo) as part of our school field trip last Feb. 4.

The show held at the Nautilus Theater, features Simba, the popular sea lion member of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol team that teaches kids and adults about the value of 3Rsreuse, reduce and recycle.

Plastic containers thrown in the sea pollute the water and kill cute sea creatures like Simba.

We were amazed at how Simba was trained to do such tricks to the audience delight and entertainment. With Simba is co-actor Kuya Randy (the big fellow).

Watch the video now. Pardon the poor quality of sound.

Helicopter ride

I was a stringer for a government news agency when I first rode a helicopter. We were on our way to Camp Nakar in Quezon for an official coverage. I admit I was a bit nervous during the flight. Who would not get nervous when all that was holding me to my seat was a loose seat belt and the door was not even closed so I could feel the cold wind touching my face while we were flying.

After a few minutes in the air, I was already enjoying the short flight to the province even if we were actually flying in the “unsafe” zone for the military. Our military companions were in battle gear and holding rifles which are expected of them. I, however, was armed not with a rifle but with tape recorder for the interview. Riding an aircraft was one of the best parts of my old job.