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Things to remember when you travel on a rainy day

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Picture-104This is the most important rule to consider if you are planning to go through a rainy weather today. Think whether it can be cancelled or it really needs your presence now so you will not end up risking yourself. Here are some tips for you to check before a wet travel.

Pack essentials. Umbrella, a plastic bag, biscuits and water or medications, always have these in your bag.

Safety. If you are traveling by your car, check it first and tune to radio stations that will give you updates on route to avoid.

Charge your mobile phone. A text or call is very important if you are in a risky situation or in an unfamiliar place.

Use seed cards and great wholesale reusable bags to make your wedding green

Weddings can leave a huge foot print on the environment. But what if you are couple that not only cares about the environment, but want things at your wedding to be unusual and unique? Consider using environmental friendly items to express not only your personally, but concern for the world we live in.

After an invitation is read and admired and the date is placed on the calendar, they eventually just get tossed away into the garbage. Or better yet, hopefully they are thrown into the recycle bin. Why not use seed cards for a special twist? These cards are made from paper that can be planted and grown. What a lovely way to share your memory of your wedding with those who you care most about. The cards come in several styles and can be custom printed. Seed envelopes are also available. Consider writing your thank you notes on seeded paper as well.

Party favors are usually a big part of a wedding party’s waste. People usually use mints or chocolates as favors. Once the candy is consumed, the box or wrap that held the candy is thrown away and the favor is quickly forgotten. Consider using great wholesale reusable bags as wedding favors. Not only will this be a reusable favor making it more environmental friendly, but the memory of the day will continue to be fresh in your guests mind. These bags can be customized and come in a variety of styles and sizes. These bags can be used as the welcome basket to your out of town guests. They fold up and are easy to store. By giving away these bags, you are providing your guests with a positive image about yourself and the world you want to live in.

Companies use these products as a way of promoting their identity. Green promotional items are a hot trend and will continue to be so as the plastic bag becomes obsolete. However, it is not only up to the business world to save the environment. It is up to each of us. There is no doubt about carbon foot print a wedding leaves behind. Using products like seed paper and reusable bags helps to reduce that foot print. It is also a fun way to put your spin on your day. People will remember the invitations as they watch there flowers grow. They will remember your day as they use their bag to lug their groceries home.


Trendy and Funky Accessories

Women aren’t the only ones who love stylish, trendy accessories. Men also enjoy finding unique, trendy and funky accessories to complement their overall look. Popular men’s accessories include glasses, wallets, jewelry pieces, phone cases, hats and money clips. With so many great looking pieces, it can be hard choosing from the wide variety. However, here are two pieces that will never go out of style. offers a huge assortment of sunglasses and shades. They have custom wood sunglasses that are made with real wood veneers that are attached to the temples. The wood is engraved with various designs. These locs glasses are top sellers because they can be customized according to customer’s specific likes and dislikes. However, if you’re not interested in the unique wood versions, the City Locs shades offer lots of sunglass looks. With the basic, standard, black sunglass frame and lens, customers can order from a variety of designs including a bandanna print, skull print, or motorcycle gang design. This design can also be customized with various words, phrases or pictures. The possibilities are endless with all the looks that can be created.

Wood and beaded jewelry has always been a popular choice in accessories. There are many different companies that sell wood necklaces but offers truly incredible wood pendants. These pendants feature many different designs including an Aztec skull, Sugar Skull, Jesus Christ, a detailed boom box, a pit bull and even a set of praying hands. Each pendant includes a 32 inch hand beaded wood necklace. These necklaces are becoming really popular among men because they are easy ways to represent a person’s beliefs or likes, without being too flashy. The subtle look of the wood beaded necklace and handmade look of the pendants is really beautiful.

Although it is customary for women to own multiple pairs of sunglasses and hundreds of jewelry pieces, more and more men are incorporating accessories into their wardrobe. By wearing these trendy and funky pieces, men can become strong parts of the fashion world by adding style and design to their regular look of jeans and a tshirt.