Monthly Archives: January 2014

Unlimited fun ride

The kids are excited about visiting Star City again this or next weekend. Dad got another set of complimentary tickets from the office. We haven’t gone to any place last Christmas to treat the kids, so Dad decided to reserve a few tickets. It will be a day of fun. The kids would surely enjoy…

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Practical travel tips for the whole family

I’m not a travel planning expert, but here are some tips I can share with you if you want to treat your family for a vacation without breaking the bank. Find inexpensive locations that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Schedule a vacation during off peak seasons because rates are almost half priced lower…

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Barangay Fiesta is one of the few occasions I really look forward to when I was young. In our barangay, the fiesta falls on January 1 so we’re actually celebrating two occasions (fiesta and New Year that is). Me and my playmates would wait at the side street for the parade, music band or Musiko…

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