Monthly Archives: November 2014

Members Only – Booking Vacations with Travel Membership Organizations

Vacations and travel are exciting, but they also tend to be expensive. The actual travel costs, hotel costs, food, fees, and other expenses add up and can make any vacation a substantial investment all its own. While this doesn’t make a good vacation impossible, it can put some people off the idea. Instead of canceling…

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Touring The City

If you want a different kind of vacation, then consider a guided tour around a city like San Antonio. There are more things that you can see and do on a tour that you might not think about if you were to travel through the area on your own. It’s often less expensive taking a…

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Star City 2014

We were finally able to visit Star City¬†last Sunday. We were not supposed to go that night, but we discovered our tickets (ride-all-you-can) would expire a week from now. So we might as well avail the free rides. We don’t have many pictures to show. We arrived at Star City at around 7. We ate…

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