Monthly Archives: September 2015

Heneral Luna

We watch the historical epic film Heneral Luna last night and I would certainly love to watch it for a few more times. Thanks to the writers, actors and all those behind the movie for their brilliance, courage and motivation to interpret an important piece of the Philippine history. Aside from learning about the life…

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The photog, the pilot and I

Traveling was one of the most memorable parts of my job that I cherish until now. I would always travel with a photographer and a pilot (our term for the company driver). We work as a team. I was assigned a different photographer in every assignment. But somehow I develop friendship with each of them…

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Well-deserved treat

Our nephew G, a nurse in a government hospital in Dubai, is earning enough to support his parents and younger siblings. I heard from relatives that G was able to help his father pay their accumulated debt through his monthly remittance. My BIL is lucky to have G as their son. Since G is earning…

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