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Music as travel companion


How music works for you? I know a lot of people make penny whistle Selection at MF their travel companion. They listen to a song or two when they want to feel comfortable while travelling. Those who travel long distances can benefit a lot from listening to music as it helps them while away the time. Travelers have better good moods when they listen to their favorite music. It seems music eases the tiredness they felt during long hours of travel.

How to Spend Summer Vacation without Spending Too Much

One of the problems of people when they are going out for summer is they must have a large budget to have fun. This is not the truth anymore. There are various resorts and places that people can visit that will not require them to bring large amounts of money. Here are some tips that may help you out:

Image credit: wikipedia

Image credit: wikipedia

  • Plan your vacation in advance. This will help you book promo flights and avail discounts when you go to hotels.
  • Make sure that you get package deals because they tend to cost cheaper.
  • Search for destinations that are not too well-known but are beautiful.

These will truly help you save money when you go on your next vacation.

What to Expect when Traveling in the Philippines

Image credit: Tuomas_Lehtinen -

Image credit: Tuomas_Lehtinen –

Many foreigners enjoy visiting the Philippines, so much so that quite a few of them decide to stay for long stretches and even marry a Filipino. You can enjoy a visit to the Philippines for little more than the savings you get from using Groupon Coupons.  There is no denying that the country has much to offer to tourists, not the least of which is the beaches and the friendly people.  However, it would be advisable to know what to expect when traveling in the Philippines.

Heat and humidity

The Philippines is both hot and humid. While many foreigners think that 40 degrees Celsius is not so bad, they are discounting the fact that the humidity levels are very high, especially at the height of summer. This means copious sweating, which is incompatible for anything but the lightest of materials. Cotton is good because it absorbs well; polyester not so much. It is normal to wear jeans and slacks, so you don’t necessarily have to live in shorts. Hardly anyone wears a hat in the cities, although caps are; an umbrella would be more common.

Sunburn and mosquitoes

The glare of the sun is quite strong, so make sure to bring a lot of sun block and wear it at all times. Even if you are visiting the cooler cities in the mountain provinces, you can still get a serious case of sunburn. Mosquitoes are also plentiful, so an effective mosquito repellent is your best friend at night.

Some dangers

Filipinos are friendly, but there are certain areas you really have to avoid if you are a foreigner. Dissidents and insurgents target foreigners that wander into their territory. The latest warnings are for the Sulu Archipelago and most areas in Mindanao. Some areas in Luzon are also danger zones for foreigners. If you must travel outside Metro Manila and other recognized tourist spots, consult your embassy for advice first. Arrange for a reliable guide as well.

As a final note, the municipal water in the Philippines is not potable. Do no drink directly from the tap. It would be advisable to drink only bottled water while you are here. It would also be advisable to avoid eating the street food unless a reliable guide says it is okay.