Monthly Archives: March 2017

Why It’s Important to Research About Moving Companies

You are going to move to a new place and you cannot help but feel anxious and excited at the same time. You are excited because you are going to experience new opportunities. You will be in a new location that you can discover and eventually love. It also helps if you are moving because…

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Hotel gift certificate

Another blessing for us. We are excited for this opportunity to stay in a hotel in Intramuros, Manila. We hope to use the gift certificates next month. The GCs are good for a day stay but it doesn’t matter the important thing is that they’re free and it’s not everyday that we get to receive…

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Summer Fun!

You’re all excited for a planned trip with friends or family members. But before you leave home make sure that you bring all that you need before you dip in the pristine water of your favorite beach. Bring waterproof sunscreen, extra clothes, and drinking water. Sunscreen is important because staying under the sun for a…

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