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Top Reasons Why People Get Rid of Their Timeshares

When you first decided to become a timeshare owner, you were probably pretty excited about your investment. Now, though, you could be wondering if buying a timeshare was really a good idea. What you might not know is that a lot of people who purchase timeshares end up regretting their decision later on and end up getting rid of their timeshares. Some of the top reasons why many people choose to get rid of their timeshares have been listed below.

They Can’t Afford Them

When you go to a timeshare presentation, it might seem like the timeshare that you’re buying is a good deal. However, some people do not realistically think about how much they will have to spend on their monthly payments, their annual maintenance fees and all of the other costs that go along with having a timeshare. Alternatively, many people find that their personal situations change a lot over the years. Even though a timeshare might have been affordable for them when they first purchased it, the cost might seem unreasonable later on when they might not be making as much money or when they might have more expenses. One common reason why many people look up “how to get rid of my timeshade” is because of cost-related reasons. If your money is a little tight and you think your timeshare is negatively impacting your budget, getting rid of your timeshare might be a good idea as well.

They Don’t Use Them

Another reason why many people get rid of their timeshares is because they do not use them. It’s easy not to use your timeshare when you are busy with so many other things. If you aren’t traveling as much as you used to, then selling your timeshare might be a good idea.

They Don’t Like The Properties

Even though you might still love traveling, and even though you might have the money to pay for your timeshare, you might not like the properties that you are able to stay at with your timeshare. Selling your timeshare is a better option then, since you can then spend your vacation money on staying at properties that you actually enjoy. There are many reasons why people get rid of their timeshares. If one of the reasons above seems familiar to you or if you are otherwise unhappy with your timeshare, then it might be time to get rid of it.

Dealing With Timeshare Contracts

The idea of owning a part of a fabulous condominium in a glamorous location like Vegas or Hawaii sounds enticing. By just owning a share of a condo, the costs will be lower than owning a vacation home outright, and you’ll have a stunning getaway to go to whenever you want, right? Well, even though all of this sounds great on paper, the reality for many timeshare owners has been a bit different.

A Great Sales Pitch

Most timeshare owners get involved with timeshares after being enticed by a fabulous sales pitch from a seasoned salesperson. Many of these sales pitches take place in beautiful settings near where the condos are located, like in Hawaii or near a tourist attraction like Disney World. Some potential buyers get quite dazzled by the sales pitches they hear, and they find it hard to come up for air until after the timeshare contract has been signed. The reality behind all this, however, is that many timeshare owners find that they may have signed papers without reading all of the small print, especially when it comes to timeshare cancellation.

Deciding To Sell

Many timeshare owners find that as their situations change, their need for timeshare ownership changes too. Some people feel frustrated with having to share their property, and find it hard to use it during holidays. For some people, getting away for vacations is tougher than they realized, and as children grow up, vacation plans can change too.

All of this can come to a head once an owner wants to sell their share in the condo. Many owners find they are trapped in the legal fine print of a timeshare contract, and ultimately they need to seek help to get out of their timeshare. All of this has become such a big problem that today there are legal consultants who specialize in these types of problems.

If you find you are trapped in a timeshare contract with wording that is confusing, seek help. No one should feel trapped in a contract they didn’t intend to sign, so seek help today.

Our hotel experience

We arrived at Torre Venezia Suites around 8 p.m. because the taxi driver had difficult time locating the place. We could have reached the place in about 30 minutes but took us nearly an hour all because we were not able to provide the exact address. Poor taxi driver.

Image credit:

Image credit:

We were greeted by the pleasant receptionist at the hotel lobby. After a few minutes of signing a registration form, we went up to our respective rooms. The kids’ room is more spacious than ours. They had a working shower head (unlike in our room which we don’t bother to report since its just a brief stay).

beds for the kids

Genova (Junior Suite)

Shower area at Genova suites

Shower area at Genova suites

Currently watching TWD

Currently watching TWD

Roma (Panoramic Suite)

Roma (Panoramic Suite)

Magandang buhay, manager! :D

Magandang buhay, manager! 😀

The view from our room

The view from our room

The beds and cover were fine except that the room has a peculiar scent. It’s like no one has been billeted in our room for quite a while. But it’s okay. We had a cable tv (so happy that I was able to catch a rerun of my fave show) and wifi. And we had a good night’s sleep. That’s not bad at all.

Happy birthday, N!

Happy birthday, N!

We had a complimentary sumptuous breakfast at about 9 am the next day. The hotel restaurant is located on the 8th floor. Right after breakfast, the birthday cake was served. Those who were also dining at the time sang Happy Birthday to my daughter. She was surprised (though she looks serious here) and I hope that she’s happy with our birthday treat.

We returned to our room after breakfast and checked out an hour later. We missed the free use of swimming pool and gym because the people with me were not keen in any of those. So KJ.

I’m happy with the experience except for the tiny problem with the non-functioning shower head. 🙁 I would recommend the place and we hope to be able to visit it again.

You can check their location and services from the links in my post.