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Oarswomen of Lake Pandin

A group of oarswomen from San Pablo, Laguna is doing a great job for their family and community. I’ve read from a friend’s blog that oarswomen in Pandin have organized themselves to support the lake and promote local tourism through guided Pandin Lake Tour. I heard none of them even took business course or online business degree to be good at what they are doing now.

The women who are mostly mommies are spending their time wisely. Instead of playing card games at home (as told by the blogger), they help their husbands support their livelihood. Even if they never finished school or took up any online business degree, they managed to sustain a source of income enough to buy food for their family and send their kids to school.

The women of Pandin Lake are truly admirable. It only takes the support of family and community to help increase the number of empowered women like them.

Kudos to the women of Pandin Lake!!

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Demand for technology workers

The current exodus of workers from conflict-stricken areas is expected to escalate unless some neutral forces intervene to address the peace and order situation in affected countries. That said the number of tech jobs is foreseen to double as many skilled workers will try to shift to other job that has bigger potential overseas. Several countries now are hiring technology workers. However, one must be careful in looking for jobs overseas. Thoroughly check the authenticity of the recruitment agency, better yet, go directly to the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) to check on the list of accredited agencies.

Career Change

Hubby is interested to take up medical equipment repair training at Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA. His previous production jobs particularly handling maintenance of production equipment has given him the edge in dealing with machines. Medical machines maybe a different field for him right now considering its (equipment) importance to saving lives, but hubby is interested to learn anyhow.

There is a growing demand for biomedical equipment technician abroad and hubby wants to try this career change.