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Sturdy trolleys for your school-age kids

Notice those school children laden with big bags with loads of books, notebooks and other school equipment in it, commuting to school each morning? Imagine lagging those huge school bags to and from school taking public transportation, difficult, right? And it will cause a major pre-adolescent back problem to little students. Why and how do they use that much stuff, anyway? If you are a mom to a schooling kiddo, chances are, the best thing you can do to alleviate this problem is to invest on a sturdy trolleys which are made from light material. That way your child can carry around all his school stuffs with ease and comfort without taking its toll on his back!

Villa Escudero Field Trip

My daughter just got home from a tiring yet fun field trip in Tiaong, Quezon. There was a lot of walking involved from the waterfalls area to the carabao cart rides according to my daughter. I should have anticipated it and bought my daughter a pair of comfortable shoes womens to replace her rubber shoes during the educational trip.

Anyway, she missed swimming with her friends because she was a little under the weather, but she didn’t missed out on a chance to take pictures with her friends. Based on this photo, I notice that she’s no longer shy to pose before the camera. I think she has outgrown that phase.  And speaking of  pictures, she took a lot of pictures for my future meme entries. And she did well in snapping pictures of landscapes and waterfalls. Good job, baby. Thanks! 🙂

More travel games for kids

Remember what I wrote about toys that you can bring and games that your child can play while traveling? Aside from psp (as earlier posted), older kids will surely have fun with xbox 360. I think this is one of the popular games among kids today. They can play xbox 360 anywhere they want and even while travelling. And to enhance the kids’ gaming experience, mommies, don’t forget to bring extra batteries, chargers and xbox 360 hdmi cable to keep your kids’ enjoyable time. 🙂