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Hotel gift certificate

Another blessing for us. We are excited for this opportunity to stay in a hotel in Intramuros, Manila. We hope to use the gift certificates next month. The GCs are good for a day stay but it doesn’t matter the important thing is that they’re free and it’s not everyday that we get to receive such a blessing. I might also take the opportunity to look for 2014 firebird around the hotel area.

Sending messages now and then

My uncle used to work in a telegraph and telephone company in the late 70’s to early 80’s. I had a vivid recollection of him sorting out pieces of paper with short messages on it and insert them in plastic window envelopes. Their branch office was small and I remember they had this peculiar looking manual typewriter and another electric typewriter.

Holiday season was the busiest period to him and his co-workers. Customers would flock to their office and have their Christmas or love messages sent to their loved ones using inspiring selection of cards.

I’m not so sure if sending flowers through a singing messenger was part of their company’s services then, but they do send lovely roses locally especially during Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, you can record music and messages using virus ti to enhance the sound and send them via the internet.

Today, the company offers various services, apart from providing long distance calls both domestic and international; they also send native specialties from Manila, Cebu and Mindanao all year round.

My uncle spent a good part of his life in that company until he stopped working in mid-80s.

Music Selection When Traveling

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

You would like to listen to music while you are traveling because this will allow you to not feel bored especially if you would be constantly surrounded by clouds, long highways or grassy fields that seem never ending. The best thing you can try is wireless monitor Selection from musiciansfriend to help you access and listen to a wide range of songs and music that will surely delight your ear buds. You may never know, you may come across some songs that you will love for life.