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Bring Your Family Adventure to the Next Level

Are you looking for so amazing family assistance to take cool pictures? Then the GoPro deal which is known as GoPro hero might be a perfect choice that will bring you family adventure to the next level. The $199 GoPro Hero camera arises from a powerful lineage, taking decent sound and video recording performance, an easy-to-use touch-screen user interface, handy remote control through a phone app, and picture stabilization to an affordable cost action camera. For people not excited about 4K quality or super-high frame rates, the GoPro Hero can be the go-to action camera within this budget, but it encounters high competition from the Yi Lite, which prices $100 less.

Main Features:

  • Maximum resolution of 1440p/60 fps
  • Gorilla Glass LCD touch screen- 2-inch
  • Electronic photo stabilization up to 1440p/30 fps
  • USB Type C for charging and file transfer
  • Good wind-noise reduction

Design, Specifications, Image quality and GoPro Deals

Main action-camera producer GoPro provides long set the bar for action-camera model and performance. The $199 GoPro Hero is the company’s budget substitute for the high quality GoPro Hero6 Black ($399) as well as last year’s Hero5 Black ($299).

Simply by searching for the Hero compared to any one of these other higher-end versions, you might be hard-pressed to tell the variance between all of them. The Hero keeps the similar external design: a matte gray outside, a power/mode key on the right part, as well as a key at the top to take images and start capturing.

A small, box display on the front part features the mode, recording period, just how much capturing time is left on the card along with the battery charge, when a small, almost unperceivable LED in the top-left part turns red to show the camera is both recording or charging.

The Hero appearance very much like the Hero5/Hero6 Black digital cameras. It applies the similar rubberized, matte-gray system that’s water-resistant right down to 33 feet without requiring any an underwater case. It includes the similar two-button user interface, front LCD data display, as well as rear touchscreen. Connect ability is usually the similar, with USB-C, HDMI, and each Wireless and Bluetooth.

Internally, the Hero smartly uses a 10MP effective sensor as well as video resolution is restricted to Total HD 1080p. That’s correct, no 4K here. (It can provide a 1440p mode, however this powers the camera into a 4:3 feature ratio.) Frame level may be set to both thirty and sixty frames per second (fps); there’s absolutely no 24 fps type, nor there can the capability to take higher frame rates at lesser resolutions similar to the Black-series cameras certainly. The truth is, you will find no lower resolutions in any way; the Hero can’t take in 960p, 720p, 480p, or other things below 1080p.

In terms of video quality, it definitely isn’t poor. When you’re watching video footage at 100% on a working laptop or computer, you’ll certainly see certain smoothness and insufficient fine details. However, this appears to become more of a difficulty of heavy-handed compression and digital sharpening instead of deficiencies in pixels. On a small screen, similar to a smartphone, it might be to see a big difference between the Hero along with the 4K-shooting Hero6 Black.

There are some amazing GoPro deal available for you in 2018. You can get it from different marketplace. GoPro deal 1018 is really attractive for you and you can get it just for $199.00 as less as to $119.00. Really!!

So, you should buy it?

Of course. If you’ve also been eyeing a GoPro but are actually reluctant to make the plunge, this really is the best time to jump in. It’s not really much the camera by itself which makes the Hero worth it, but instead the helping software, which provides GoPro an obvious edge over the competitors.

Music Selection When Traveling

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

You would like to listen to music while you are traveling because this will allow you to not feel bored especially if you would be constantly surrounded by clouds, long highways or grassy fields that seem never ending. The best thing you can try is wireless monitor Selection from musiciansfriend to help you access and listen to a wide range of songs and music that will surely delight your ear buds. You may never know, you may come across some songs that you will love for life.

What’s in your bag?

What will you be carrying around in your bag this summer? As the season of minimalism it is time to empty your bag, clear out the rubbish and fill with the essential items for summer. If your bag is just too full of winter hoarding it might even be time to buy a new summer bag.


The summer is here and that means we can reduce the amount of make-up we wear by about 50-75%. Empty your bag of all the foundations, concealers, eyes shadows and blushers weighing it down. An all in one BB cream with illuminator is all you need in the summer months as well as light mascara and a lip gloss or lipstick.

If you need a new bag

With all this minimalising you might think you need a new bag and the trends have certainly changed from last year. Fashionistas are choosing trendy backpacks above oversized handbags or alternatively fitting all their bits and bobs in to a small clutch or even a bumbag. Yes, a bumbag. They are back on trend. For a trip into town or a day at the beach a tote or shopper is a great option and patterns range from monochrome to animal print, bright pink to studded. You can see a good selection of trendy bags and purses here.

Sun lotion

We all want a healthy glow but there is nothing worse than the lobster look during the summer. Allow yourself to tan gradually by wearing a medium factor sunscreen of around 15 SPF, unless you are light skinned and go for a higher number and embrace your own colour. It is better to protect the skin you have than to risk it to reach a darker shade. If you find a BB cream with added SPF you only need a small spray-on sun lotion for your exposed parts.

Summer book

For stopping by the park on your way home to having a book for lying by the pool, a good summer read is always part and parcel of the season. Current popular reads include Gone Girl and Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns. Alternatively you could take the opportunity to read classic summer reads including The Magus or The Talented Mr Ripley.

Hand gel and tissues

Every clever good time girl knows that you need to be prepared. Keep a nifty antibacterial hand gel in your bag and a small pack of tissues for visits to the beach or days at the parks.

Phone or tablet

If you simply cannot live without your tablet then make sure you buy it a safe new case to protect it in your bag. If you need a phone upgrade for summer the Nokia Lumia 1020 is THE perfect summer gadget. The new Lumia is a bright and shiny yellow and offers 41 mexapixel camera to take all your summer snaps on.

Jemima is a fashion and beauty writer who has already scanned the internet and watched the fashion show for the latest bag trends. You can find a diverse selection of trendy bags and purses here from studded bum bags to on trend backpacks.