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Touring Around The City

If you are following Fairy Hobmother on Twitter, you would know that he took a vacation to recharge his fairy batteries. Being a fairy is no mean feat, t think he still needs to manage his fairy overload at Appliances Online, I can just imagine how long it took him to recharge his fairy batteries.

Speaking of battery recharging, if you think your batteries are kinda low, take a trip and relax for a while. If you think relaxing and vacation comes with a hefty price tag, think again. One way to relax is to take a city tour. Go for places you have never been. Traffic is heavy but a change of surroundings will do you good.


My nephew will spend his vacation in the Philippines after working for more than a year in the Middle East as a nurse. My daughter is also excited for his older cousin’s homecoming because she’s going to receive a new set of color pencil from him as a little gift for the drawing (of Kurt Cobain) that she made for him last month. From the list of presents that my nephew prepares for his relatives in Gensan, I’m sure it includes cashmere gifts for girlfriend Wen.

See you when I see you, G.  Have a safe trip!

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