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Pristine beaches

Hubby has been planning about this short vacation to Gensan since he went home for his father’s funeral last month. He was enthralled by the pristine beaches in Gensan. One particular beach resort that hubby and his siblings visited was playing some local instrumental music. He’s not sure whether it was eb horn that produces…

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What to Expect when Traveling in the Philippines

Many foreigners enjoy visiting the Philippines, so much so that quite a few of them decide to stay for long stretches and even marry a Filipino. You can enjoy a visit to the Philippines for little more than the savings you get from using Groupon Coupons.  There is no denying that the country has much…

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Couples Retreat – Barbados Villas Make a Romantic Hot Spot

By James Eder [View from Secret Garden at Merlin Bay, a luxury villa in Barbados, Caribbean] A single red rose, sprouting from a slender vase, decorates the table. Beside you is a tall bottle of wine, aged to perfection, that has just been set down. Slowly, you lift your glass, gently clinking it against your…

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