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Difficult to plan a family getaway

That’s one problem I have yet to solve. My family is small. We could easily pack our bags and go to wherever our feet would take us. But the problem is everyone’s busy schedule. Hubby is working six days a week and sometimes still on-call even on his day off. The kids are going to school. The one in college is always busy. I have an online gig, but it doesn’t require so much of my time like right now, I’m simply checking on stanton headphones. We would plan a short trip, but after awhile something would come up and the plan getaway would be forgotten. That’s how frustrating planning a getaway is for my family. Have you experienced the same problem before?

Local getaway

I’m not trying to be mushy here, but sometimes I wish hubby would initiate activities that will bring us closer as a couple. I’m thinking of an overnight stay perhaps in Tagaytay or someplace closer where we can spend the night like we were newlyweds. I wish to bring my camo lingerie just in case. But hold that thought. The getaway definitely includes our kids so we might not have that “sweet moment” together.

A family getaway is what we are actually looking forward this year. I know that God has a perfect plan for all of us and in time our dream getaway will be realized.