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Barangay Fiesta is one of the few occasions I really look forward to when I was young. In our barangay, the fiesta falls on January 1 so we’re actually celebrating two occasions (fiesta and New Year that is). Me and my playmates would wait at the side street for the parade, music band or Musiko and Ati-Atihan. Those who love games participate in the palo-sebo and sack race. Fiesta organizers usually prepare cash and trophy cups for the winners. We also love to watch a program held at the plaza where fast and rising artists have been invited to perform. It’s been decades since I visited my hometown and haven’t experienced spending Fiesta with my relatives in a long time.

Barangay Fiesta

One of the most memorable occasions for me as a child besides my birthday, was the barangay fiesta. The fiesta falls on the first day of the year, which is New Year’s Day. So, it’s a double celebration for Bayanan residents every January 1. Kids would eagerly wait for the street parade, musiko (band) and Ati-Atihan. There were also exciting games such as palo-sebo and sack race for willing participants. Fiesta organizers make sure that winners get their prizes, not to mention cash and trophy cups from sponsors. At night, a program is held at the plaza with fast and rising artists as guests. Me and my neighbor kids would bring our own chair (bangko) and look for the spot where we could get the best view of the stage. I wish I could go back and visit Bayanan again to experience the colorful fiesta I used to know.