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Historical and Spooky Places in Bataan

Have you been fascinated with spooky places? I do. But, I may not be that brave to visit one. It is enough to read or watch about them on documentaries.  

However, in 2006, I was fortunate to visit Corregidor, Bataan, through the invitation of a pharmaceutical company. The trip, albeit, short gave me the chance to relax from all the busy schedule while covering the health beat. 

I’m sharing here some of the photos I took of that trip

In the photo were some members of the media and a group of public relations officers. 

Today, Malinta Tunnel is the venue of an audio-visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana of events that occurred during World War II.

Besides the historical value of the place, the Malinta Tunnel is regarded as one of the most hunted tunnels in the country. 

Ms. Stargazer encircled the images of what she perceives as ghosts.

The tunnel saw thousands of Japanese soldiers who performed suicide instead of surrendering to the American troops during the Second World War.

These photos are not meant to scare you but only share them in observance of All Souls DayLet us offer a prayer for the souls of those who perished inside the tunnel.

Despite the eerie feels, I would still go back to visit Corregidor in the future.

How about you, have you had the same eerie experience in your past or recent travels?