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Summer Fun!

You’re all excited for a planned trip with friends or family members. But before you leave home make sure that you bring all that you need before you dip in the pristine water of your favorite beach. Bring waterproof sunscreen, extra clothes, and drinking water.

Image courtesy of Yongkiet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sunscreen is important because staying under the sun for a long period of time predisposes a person to sunburn, heat exhaustion and stroke. You don’t want to have wrinkly skin worst suffer from premature aging, do you? Unless you want to be like some celebrities who allegedly undergo invasive means to retain their youthful look.

On another note, if you are bringing kids to the beach, don’t allow them to swim without the company of adult. And drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Improvise your own pool

With extended family members enjoying the not-so crowded pool in Q.C.

The kids, yours truly (far right), and some extended family members enjoying the not-so crowded pool in Q.C.

While everyone else flocks to the beach this summer, some still prefer to stay at home and be comfy in their own makeshift pool. If I have a bigger space at home, I would setup a king size pool of our own. Besides being cost-effective, I’m confident that everybody’s safe from accidents as I can watch them especially the younger ones. Makeshift pools are good for non-swimmers too (in my opinion). And since we are swimming in the confines of our own backyard/front yard, no one will dictate what and what not to wear while wading in our shallow pool. As for the pool’s color, it’s difficult to decide. Should I buy gold bars-colored pool or the one with blue shade? Better ask the kids.

The Best Places to be This Summer

Summer is one of the favorite seasons of a lot of people. There are times though when it can get extremely hot and people become uncomfortable because of it. This is probably the reason why the best place to be during the summer is somewhere near the water but this is not the only place wherein people can go to cool off. Going high up in the mountains can be a fun thing to do as well. It is not surprising anymore that more people book for mountain climbing activities during the summer because the weather is clear and fair. It would be easy to move and travel around because there will be no mud involved. If you do not like the heat, you can always go to places that are much colder than where you actually are. This will help you cool off tremendously.