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Capturing your Travels through Photographs


Keeping memories of your travels forever is accomplished through photographs and video. Finding the perfect spot to capture a special moment is difficult sometimes. Some of the best travel photos come from candid shots and random captures. When you have the time, actually setup your shot and make sure it’s framed right to have the exact memory saved forever.

When in Motion
Taking photos when you’re in motion and not seeing blur is so difficult. If you don’t have a fancy camera and your cell phone doesn’t have an anti-blur or motion feature, you’ll have to make stops every time you want to take a great photos of Nevada or other locations you’re visiting. It may take more time to get to your destination or scheduled activities, but the perfect photo takes you back to that specific moment every time you view the photo.

Changing Natural Lighting
If you’re taking photos at sunrise or sunset, it can change the way your photo looks. It is important to set your camera or cell phone to take multiple shots to ensure that you have at least one shot that you are happy with as lighting can change quickly as the sun rises and sets. If storms are rolling in, they make dramatic backdrops and you will likely need to use your flash so that you don’t lose any details of the natural landscape.

Picking a Good Backdrop
Natural backdrops are everywhere. It is important, however, to make sure that your photos are centered and that no protrusions of the landscape are coming from your behind your body as those can easily become awkward photos that may be an opportunity for friends and family to poke a little fun at you.

The angle of your photos is beyond important. The wrong angle can completely change the theme of your photo. It can take an innocent candid moment and turn it into an onslaught of inappropriate commentary. Always review your photos and delete those that do not capture a moment as you thought it would to prevent the negative commentary that could arise.

Closing Thoughts
Sometimes the candid, unexpected photos from your travels make the best stories. You’ll remember the exact moment the photo was taken and how the situation came to be. It may have you booking accommodations for your next trip so that you can relive special moments and capture even more special moments. If you ask a stranger to take a photo, make sure you’re close enough to keep an eye on your camera or cell phone.

The Appeal of the Window Seat

Image courtesy of sephirot17 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of sephirot17 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As a kid growing up, I remember fighting tooth and nail with my sister, just so I could get to sit by the car window. Car air-conditioning wasn’t so popular then, so I basked in the warmth of the sun hitting my face, and the wind whizzing past me.

More than that, what I loved most about taking the window seat was that I could quietly reflect on my life. Yes, even as a kid, I was already a deep thinker.

Even now, whenever I want to get lost in my thoughts, I simply imagine myself sitting by the car window, looking out into the world as it passes me by. What’s engaging about it is the idea that I am sitting still as I move forward with the passing of time. There’s a certain comfort in doing nothing as time goes by.

Well, I can’t keep doing that. Nobody is merely a spectator in life. We all are cogs in the wheel of life. For it to turn, we have to do something, and not just look out the window.

Nashville invite


Travel, o how I want to travel only that I don’t have the luxury to fulfill my dreams and put an elusive check on my bucket list. I have never set foot in any place outside Metro Manila for the last five years. But something is bound to happen. A distant cousin has sent an invitation to nashville for a possible work opportunity. If the offer can wait until I have all my papers processed then one of my dreams will soon be realized.

Image credit: Ambro – FreeDigitalPhotos.net