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Salute to hard working firefighters


One of the professions that I consider genuinely admirable job is that of a firefighter. They don’t receive a big salary, at least in my part of the country, but in many instances have placed their lives on the line.

In the early 2000, I was fortunate to have met a brave firefighter. He has been in the dangerous profession for, I think, 20 years. He is a family man with simple dreams for his family.

He might have chosen a well-paying job where his personal safety is a priority, but opted to work in the government to be a firefighter.

For this, the hardworking man is not only worthy of the accolade he so deserves but receives something to appreciate his hard work. A Joy Jewelers fireman necklace is a simple token to appreciate his valor.

What to do with uprooted trees

wood cutout airplane

People affected by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) may find something good from uprooted tree trunks. Besides using the broken tree trunks to build new houses, they may also use them to create toys for the little ones. If you have time to do these things in your spare time, you can create and carve whatever inspiration you have in mind. Or if you already have access to the internet (for areas where power has been restored) you can find wood cutouts designs on the internet. Kids love toys whatever size and shapes. You can sell the finished products for additional source of income.

Where to buy jewelry

Meycauayan, Bulacan is said to be home to about 2,000 jewelry manufacturers in the region. It is a home-based industry that supports the livelihood of many families in Meycauayan and nearby towns.

According to this website, the jewelry industry is engaged in the production of precious metal jewelry and the pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.

Precious metal jewelry can be in the form of gold or silver rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, pendants, tie-pins and cuff links.

Precious stones are defined as diamonds, emerald, rubies and sapphires with some addition of pearls. All other gems are considered as semi-precious.

If you are interested to buy loose diamonds in the local market, now you have an idea where to find them.