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Night Sky Beauty

Looking at the sky at night can be a truly mesmerizing and beautiful experience. The vast expanse of the starry sky can fill one with wonder and a sense of awe. The twinkling stars and the soft glow of the moon can create a peaceful and contemplative atmosphere, allowing one to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with the natural world.

Picture doesn’t give justice to the beauty and mystery of the night sky. Taken January 24, 2023 @ 10:58 PM

One of the most striking features of the night sky is the Milky Way, a galaxy that contains our own solar system. The Milky Way is visible on clear nights as a hazy band of light that stretches across the sky. The sight of the Milky Way can be breathtaking, and it serves as a reminder of the vastness and complexity of the universe.

Another feature of the night sky is the presence of constellations, groups of stars that form recognizable patterns. These constellations have been studied and admired for thousands of years, and many cultures have assigned meanings and stories to them. The study of constellations and the movements of the stars can also provide insight into the workings of the universe.

In addition to the stars, the night sky also offers the opportunity to observe other celestial bodies such as the planets, meteor showers, and even comets. These events can be spectacular to witness and can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the universe we inhabit.

Looking at the sky at night can also be a great way to connect with nature and the environment. By getting away from the light pollution of cities and towns, one can experience the night sky in its full glory. This experience can be particularly rewarding for those who live in areas with little light pollution.

In summary, the beauty of looking at the sky at night is a truly captivating experience that can fill one with wonder, awe and appreciation of the natural world. The stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies offer a unique perspective on our place in the universe and a chance to connect with nature and the environment.

Historical and Spooky Places in Bataan

Have you been fascinated with spooky places?

I may be reading or watching documentaries about haunted places, but I don’t dare visit one.

But in 2006, we went to see the historical place of Corregidor through the invitation of friends from a pharmaceutical company. To be clear, we did not engage in ghost hunting.

The educational trip, albeit, short gave us the chance to relax from all the busy schedules of covering the health beat.

Sharing here some of the photos from the trip

In the photo were some members of the media and a group of public relations officers. 

Historically, Malinta Tunnel is regarded as one of the most haunted tunnels in the country. 

Today, Malinta Tunnel is the venue of an audio-visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana depicting events of World War II.

Ms. Stargazer encircled the images of what she perceived as ghosts.

The tunnel saw thousands of Japanese soldiers who performed suicide instead of surrendering to the American troops during the Second World War.

These photos don’t mean to scare you. I shared them to commemorate All Souls DayLet’s offer a prayer for the souls of those who perished inside the tunnel.

Despite the eerie feelings brought by the said trip, I would still go back to visit other areas of Corregidor.

How about you, have you had the same eerie experience in your past or recent travels?

Additional info from Wikipedia

Getting Ready for Summer

With the rollout of the COVID19 vaccines in the country, we are hopeful that we may experience a certain level of “normalcy” in the next few months. The idea of going back to activities that we loved excites us. We can somehow start planning the trips that have been canceled a year ago, including the itinerary for summer vacation.

Photo by Vic Alcuaz on Unsplash

It makes us feel good to make plans for the summer. So what we want to do when we can safely move? When it is okay to travel, my daughter plans to bring our family to the less crowded beach where we can take advantage of a beautiful day strolling on the seaside. We were stuck at home for most of the year, so a beach plan is something that makes us feel better.

We don’t have a place in mind yet. But for now, we’re checking on essentials to bring for the weekend getaway. Aside from food, I want to secure one piece swimsuits for myself and my daughter. We are unsure about the swimming part, but it’s fine to bring one. Modest swimwear will work for me since I’m on the heavy side.

I have checked a website that sells single piece swimsuits. I’m surprised that Lime Ricki offers 3X sizes. It would better fit me, or I would go for size 4X.

Besides the simple yet stylish design, the swimsuits are made of comfortable materials. I’m glad they have this line for plus-size women. I could comfortably have fun in the sun with all the support I need to enjoy the beach.