Dreaming of Singles’ Holidays

One of the things that you have to give up when you become a mother is your social life. The late night out with your friends is replaced with all-nighters keeping watch of your newborn, the lazy lunch dates with the girls are traded for visits to the pediatrician and the last full show movie date with your beloved is swapped for Disney movies or Barney video marathons. Some would even just salvage their seriously-suffering social life with the aid of social networking online sites such as Facebook, where you can catch up with your peers at a touch of your fingertips.

Of course, you love being a mother, and having said all that, you nearly would not trade your adorable little angel to all the carefree ways of being single. Except probably when you have totally spread yourself thin and are desperately in need of a break. Yes, even mothers need to take occasional breaks too! Otherwise you will be a cranky mother much like your child when he lacked sleep or when throwing a tantrum when not given his demands immediately.

Taking a break every so often will do you a world of good, and these breaks need not be ultra expensive that it will burn a hole in your pocket. A quick trip to the spa for a much-needed pampering or a once-a-month dinner by candlelight with your man might just do the trick. It might not be as grand as the singles holidays you used to have but it’s the next best thing. Your little one might even thank you if you did.

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