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Heneral Luna

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We watch the historical epic film Heneral Luna last night and I would certainly love to watch it for a few more times. Thanks to the writers, actors and all those behind the movie for their brilliance, courage and motivation to interpret an important piece of the Philippine history. Aside from learning about the life of General Luna as a person, lover, and patriot, there were a lot of scenes and dialogs that are relatable to the present day situations.

I love the flashback scene where Luna was talking with her mother. She made him remember his childhood in their old house in Binondo especially that scene in the dining area with cherry veneer wood√ā¬†furnitures where the family is about to eat dinner. It shows the warm moments with his family as a young boy.

After Heneral Luna’s success, I think the movie producer will do another historical film via Heneral Gregorio Del Pillar biopic. We’ll surely watch this one.