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This is La Mesa Dam in Quezon City. I never thought La Mesa Dam could this be beautiful from above. And like some of my beautiful pictures I shared in this blog, this too was taken by my favorite photographer Ver Noveno.

He shared this photograph not just to show the beauty of La Mesa Dam but to express his concern over the mushrooming industrial and residential houses in the surrounding area of the dam.

Inside the complex of La Mesa Dam is an eco-friendly playground called La Mesa Ecopark. This is perfect for family picnic and other recreational activities for everyone. There are so many activities you can do while inside the Ecopark. You can enjoy the amenities for a minimal fee or simply enjoy the nature while strumming your guitar.

Have you paid La Mesa Ecopark a visit lately?

La Mesa Eco Park

We visited La Mesa Eco Park last year. We were supposed to ride a boat, but the Superferry Boating Lagoon and Pavilion area were already closed when we arrived. We went straight to the Lopez Picnic Grounds hoping to see outdoor fire pits and took a leisurely walk at the Shell Flower Terraces.

Picnic Grounds
Picnic Huts
Shell Flower Terraces
Shell Flower Terraces
Forest of varied trees
Forest of varied trees
View from the top
View from the top
Almost there

I love the outdoors although it’s rare that we do this kind of activity now. The last time that we were at Eco Park was in 2006. We hope to go back and explore the whole place one of these days. :D

Swing to their hearts content

Swing to their hearts content

Outdoors like nature tripping is a good time for bonding with our families.. It is also good for our health and self-esteem.

Our best pose...with my honey

Just us…

Climbing the stairs at Eco Park

Why do I have this feeling that my kids would make fun of this photo? The kids have been teasing me whenever they see this picture in my folder. They said I really need to lose weight because they notice I was panting while climbing the steep stairs at Eco Park. The stairs will lead you to the La Mesa Reservoir. Judging on this photo, don’t you think I should get serious in losing weight? Can you suggest diet pills for women that really work?