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My Longest Walk in La Union


Me in yellow shirt

I remember my longest walking experience in Bacnotan, La Union. It was semestral break and my best friend invited me and another friend to spend a weekend in her home province. I couldn’t remember the exact name of the place where we took a hike, but I think it’s somewhere near Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University also in Bacnotan. It was one of the tiring trek I had in my life. But when we reached the peak, we were treated with lots of green mangoes. It was a feast. We never had that much mangoes in our place. I thought eating mangoes with bagoong was worth the hours of walking. When it’s time to go down, I wish I could just roll my way down the hilly path. We were exhausted and no amount of wearing compression stockings could relieve my aching feet. It was a memorable adventure, but sadly, I’ll never experience anything like it again as I have trouble walking long distance.   🙁

La Union Memoir

Bacnotan, La Union, Summer of 1990.

For the first time in my college life, I was allowed to spend a week-vacation in the company of my female best friend E. She invited me to visit her parents and siblings whom she had not seen in years. It was a happy reunion between E and her family. The family members are innately quite people, but very accommodating so I easily get along with them.

My friend and I spend our free time hiking and swimming with her cousins. They taught me some basic climbing technique, but I guess I wasn’t able to apply them properly because of exhaustion. We went swimming in one of the rocky beaches in Bacnotan. It was probably one of the “undiscovered” beaches during those times. The water was pristine, but the rocks were deadly. One missed step and you’ll surely sustain cuts on your feet. Good thing i have thick calluses on my heels. 😀

I really missed Bacnotan and I’ll probably visit the place when my best friend would invite me over again…Sadly, I haven’t seen E in two decades now.