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Philippine Postcard #2 – Maria Cristina Falls

This is part of an old school project of my niece showing the different tourists spots in the Philippines.

Maria Cristina Falls in Mindanao

Maria Cristina Falls is 320 feet high, spews 130 cubic meters of water per second and is the primary source of industrial power in the city. Iligan is also known as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” because of the presence of approximately 23 waterfalls in the city. It utilizes 90% of its water for the hydropower plant. The National Power Corporation (NPC) has established its Maria Christina Power Plant at the outer base of the falls.

Its twin cascades attract both local and foreign tourists. It is sometimes called “twin falls” since the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. It is also tagged as a “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t” falls, because of the man-made controls operated by the National Power Corporation which is essential for producing electricity.

According to legend, the rocks that surround the pool were said to be the fearsome magical war boat of Prince Bantogen, hero of the Maranao-Maguindanao epic “Darangen”.

Source: wikipilipinas.org

Philippine Postcard: The Philippine Sunset

I have salvaged a few postcards from the pile of scrap materials that my sister-in-law will bring to a junk shop with other scrap papers. I took the postcards and I’m glad I did because they are serving another purpose as blog post. The postcards are old and yellowish already but the subjects (places) will still catch the reader’s eye like this one.

The Philippine Sunset

Manila Bay is where you can see the best sunsets in the world. Manila bay sunset is not only popular for promenaders but also one of the favorite subjects for photography enthusiasts.

Have you seen the Manila Bay sunset yet?