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Getting Ready for Summer

With the rollout of the COVID19 vaccines in the country, we are hopeful that we may experience a certain level of “normalcy” in the next few months. The idea of going back to activities that we loved excites us. We can somehow start planning the trips that have been canceled a year ago, including the itinerary for summer vacation.

Photo by Vic Alcuaz on Unsplash

It makes us feel good to make plans for the summer. So what we want to do when we can safely move? When it is okay to travel, my daughter plans to bring our family to the less crowded beach where we can take advantage of a beautiful day strolling on the seaside. We were stuck at home for most of the year, so a beach plan is something that makes us feel better.

We don’t have a place in mind yet. But for now, we’re checking on essentials to bring for the weekend getaway. Aside from food, I want to secure one piece swimsuits for myself and my daughter. We are unsure about the swimming part, but it’s fine to bring one. Modest swimwear will work for me since I’m on the heavy side.

I have checked a website that sells single piece swimsuits. I’m surprised that Lime Ricki offers 3X sizes. It would better fit me, or I would go for size 4X.

Besides the simple yet stylish design, the swimsuits are made of comfortable materials. I’m glad they have this line for plus-size women. I could comfortably have fun in the sun with all the support I need to enjoy the beach. 

Visiting Gensan remains a dream

Hubby’s relatives in Gensan

The family always discussed about visiting relatives in General Santos City. But up to this day, the plan remains a plan. It’s like wishing for the best luxury paris apartment rentals when we only rely on our meager salary. We couldn’t just travel without pocket money and air fare. And we have to stay somewhere. It might be embarrassing to the relatives if they take us all in one house. We barely know most of hubby’s relatives and we still need to warm up with them. So, hubby thought of ditching the idea of going home until we are financially stable.

Top 3 Family Friendly Activity Holidays

Are you thinking about escaping the humdrum for a week or two this year? There are plenty of resorts that are perfect for you and your family, with many catering specifically for children. It depends where you want to go and what you want to achieve, but there’s oodles of choice:

On the Beach

Kids love to have fun, and where better to do that than at the beach where they can play to their hearts content? With plenty of offers on family activity holidays, a beachside retreat is perfectly achievable, giving you and your brood access to golden sands, azure waters, watersports and plenty of fun-filled days in the sun. Kids clubs are also available, ensuring that your children are being entertained whilst you sit back with your latest read and an ice cold glass of your favourite tipple. Bliss.

Recommended destinations include Halkidiki, Phokaia and Lemnos.

In the Mountains

If an action packed vacation is what you’re after, there are plenty of resorts in the mountains that are child-friendly. From kids ski schools to nursery slopes, your brood will feel right at home on the piste. If there’s a large group of you, opt for one of the catered ski chalets to limit how much you need to try and fit in one day, and concentrate instead on the fun-filled aspects of this incredible vacation.

Recommended destinations include Andorra and Geilo.

By the Lake

If you have reared a water baby, what better place to take them for a few days than a lakeside retreat offering plenty of water-based activity. From learning to sail to kayaking, you and your children can have an awesome time on the water, whilst also having the beautiful surrounding scenery to explore too.

Recommended destinations include the Italian Lakes.

Whatever vacation you choose, make sure you take advantage of the available offers on family activity holidays, to keep your costs low and your fun level sky high.