The Top 5 Walks in Scotland

For many people, traveling is about more than just the sights in the big cities. You could walk around Scotland for an entire lifetime, but most people do not have a lifetime of vacation on their plate when they are born. You will have to narrow down your walks to only a few options in reality, and five different walks usually works for most people who love to enjoy the scenic views in various countries. Scotland is well-known for its ability to attract hikers from all over the world, so this should definitely be one of your top destinations if you are someone who likes to travel through nature on foot. There are 25 different official walking routes in Scotland, but you should feel satisfied as long as you go through these five listed here.

The West Highland Way is the original long walk route to take in Scotland. This route will take you from Glasgow all the way to Fort William, and you will be able to view both lowlands and highlands along your travels. On the route, you may wish to stay in one of the many holiday cottages Scotland has to offer, that way, you gain rest and are refreshed for the walk ahead of you the next day. Two of the main features of this walk are Conic Hill and the Devil’s Staircase. Conic Hill is going to be the highest point during this walk at 550 meters.

After taking a walk on the original Scotland walking route, you may want to try your hand at the longest route on the list. Southern Upland Way is 212 miles long or 340 kilometers. It will take you roughly 12 to 20 days to finish this walk, so you will need to be an expert of traveling by foot to finish this adventure.

Speyside Way is another popular walking path in Scotland, and this route runs from Buckle to Aviemore. This route is much shorter than Southern Upland Way, and you can expect to finish it in about 4 days to a week’s time.

The Great Glen Way will give you a wonderful view of the infamous Loch Ness as you travel from Fort William to Inverness. It will take you about the same amount of time to finish this walk as it would for you to finish Speyside Way.

Finally, the Cape Wrath Trail also runs from Fort William, but this route will take you to Cape Wrath. This is a wonderful walk for anyone who is an experienced hiker, and it will take you about two weeks to finish this 320 kilometer walk.

Choosing your walk can be quite difficult, but you should keep things simple if you are new to this kind of thing. Most people think they will be able to keep walking forever because they have never gone on a walk that takes a week or two to finish. Don’t get too arrogant when it comes to your walk selection because you will be surprised at how tiring the simple act of walking can be after you do it for more than a few days. Once you have made your selection, you will just need to book your method of travel and then get ready for an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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