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How do you like to meet new friends from around the world? You are just a click away to do that. Why don’t you hop in and join the fun! 🙂

Anything Baguio
Who does not love the cold weather of this place? Well, my family loves this place so much that I decided to create a blog all about Baguio… for us Baguio is LOVE.

Anything Davao
Welcome to the Durian City – Davao. See the sights, scents and sounds of the city of royalty.
I’m not a professional photographer but I romanticize the idea of freezing moments of people, of animals, of things of just about anything, everyday this amateur shutter’s eyes can see in this majestic of cities in the south of the Philippines, Davao City.

Away from Home
Away from Home is a personal travel diary that documents the author’s travels by bus, plane and feet. The author will also feature some interesting people she met, the adventures she experienced and the wonderful places she has seen along the way. This blog will also include other little things hovering in the corners of her journey-traveling tips, cheap and budget bookings, culture, special events, celebrations, festivals, learning Thai language, news in Thailand and many more!Welcome to my site and together we’ll explore Thailand and Beyond!

Best Vacation Places
This blog is my attempt to share some of the best vacation spots that I come across and help you discover ideas for your next getaway. My name is Jade, and I love learning about new places. Primarily, I’m a freelance writer for the web. This is a blog that I maintain mostly just for the joy of it. I hope you enjoy it and find some interesting discoveries along the way!
Best Vacation Places is a site is not only focused in the best places to go on a holiday all over the world but also provide useful traveller tips, airline promos.

Everything Nice!
My share on my latest travels, restaurants to visit during trips, tourist attractions, food adventures, hotel recommendations and other budget travelling tips.

Feeling Traveler Aketch
Feeling Traveler Aketch is a personal blog that documents the travel aspirations and experiences of a woman working from home. The title of the blog was coined because the owner is not a regular traveler. She only experienced a few travels but aspires to have more. This blog will also contain the author’s experience in postcrossing.

Friendship and Smiles
Since I am not a regular traveler, I decided to put up a blog about the two beautiful cities where I lived all my life, Cagayan de Oro (my hometown) and Bacolod (my adopted hometown). I want to share the best places where to go where you are at these two beautiful cities. Anyway, Cagayan de Oro City is known as the City of the Golden Friendship while Bacolod City as the City of Smiles, this is the reason why I got the name Friendship and Smiles. This blog will also share the few places I have been through outside this city.

From Asia and Beyond
Different Places, Faces, Sights, Tastes, Sounds. A Travel Diary of a Budget Traveler.

Join My Stroll
This blog is about traveling – by car, plane, train, and even be feet. A stroll to the park with my daughter; a stroll to the mall to buy precious gifts for my loved ones; a stroll to the different landmarks in London, Philippines and other countries – are for me, a travel worth documenting. Family vacations are rare, but once we have, it’s sure lovely to blog about. So hop on and join my stroll!

Journey of a Dreamer
I always dream to travel the world and share with my love one the beauty of nature and of course when you travel you get the chance to meet new friends, you’ll be introduce to new traditions and specially you’ll get a chance to eat sumptuous foods. This is my realization of my dream, Journey of a Dreamer is something i always love to do and create. It tells every travel, adventure, vacations that me an my family spends and i do hope that the readers can benefit from our experiences too. Travel with me as we go to Palawan, Caramoan and to my other dream places around the world.

Lamyerda is a travel blog about our road trips, beach escapades, weekend getaways, short vacations, or even just a side trip to some local destinations. It also talks about travel tips, booking tips, packing tips, and directions. Recent airfare promos of the country’s airlines will also be posted here. It will also feature must-see travel destinations around Philippines in the hope that more people will be inspired to travel and discover the beauty of our country. Lamyerda is not only for those who can afford to travel often, but for everybody who wants to enjoy the moment of taking a break from our everyday life. Indeed, it is great to travel and discover new places.

Maps And Bookings
A site about places and bookings, where to find cheap accommodations and how to avail cheap travels,

Mole on My Sole
I have a mole on the sole of my foot. My folks say that’s the reason why I have itchy feet and love to travel. I didn’t have the mole when I was younger. Probably because I was not traveling so much yet. It just showed up proudly and unannounced. It is not bothersome but cute. A small wonder that doesn’t ever complain even when I step on it all the time. Let me and my mole take you all over the Philippines and beyond.

Stylish Voyager
A travel and fashion blog merged together in the hopes of bringing something different to my blogging life. Stylish Voyager is a blog that caters not only about traveling within the Philippines but also traveling outside the country. Sometimes it is not always about what we write and what we think we should write, but sharing to people what our life is, how we live it, where we have gone. Come travel with me, let me share with you my life as a blogger, as an explorer.

The Blogging Traveller
A blog to documents our vacations and travels, places we visited and more places we wish to visit someday. My family loves to travel, be it by air,water or by land. This blog is all about our traveling adventure.

The Travel Diva
This is mainly my travel tales, and some travel guides and tips in between. Come visit with me the countries of the Philippines, Thailand, Macau, Honkong, China, Cambodia, Macau, Brunei, England, Colombia, Mexico, USA, South Korea. I also have some guides and tips on things to do and what to do in these countries. I am also keeping abreast with budget airline promotions, budget hotels, budget getaway packages, etc.

The Wandering Peach
This blog is a chronicle of my travel and my family’s travel. We love taking short and long vacations to relax and be detached from our normal city lives. Sometimes we also love to go on the road and just see where our feet takes us.
This blogs also aims to give some tips on cheap bookings and vacation packages. Let’s go!

Travel and Musings
Travel and Musings is a travel diary of my family created to document places we have been so far and musings about the exciting places we will be visiting in the future. I hope to have as much photos of our (future) vacations on this site so my children will have something to look back to when they are older.
Travel and Musings will also feature favorite tourist spots and destination including historical sites in the Philippines. I will also be discussing about festivities and pasalubongs, health tips for travelers, travel wear, travel gadgets, games for kids, and a whole lot more.

Travel Buddies
Adventures and misadventures of a family who loves to travel through seat sales.

Travel Junkie Mommy
This is a travel blog, but it does not only talk about travel. This site talks about family. It talks about bonding, sipping hot choco or frappe at a stop over. It talks about diapers and rest rooms on the road. This blog is about bonding and living, a family having fun, long travel or not.

Travel Sites and Scenes
This site is a compilation of Photos of beautiful places here and around the world that are worth visiting. Travel with me as I post pictures of scenes and sights I visited and those that are visited by my families and friends. Information on current best vacation package deals, bookings, flight promos and budget-friendly hotel and resort accommodations.

Travel Unravels
Whether in reality or in dreams,
Across land, ocean or streams,
With each of our travel,
New wonders we will unravel.

Travels and Explorations
This blog is about places to see and explore. Join me as we explore caves, museums, and other travel destination in the USA and around the world.

Travels Of Joy
Joy’s blog about traveling and family outing.

Viva Trips & Tips
A blog documenting our travels within the Philippines and around the world featuring hotel reviews, travel tips and tricks, best delicacy in a certain place, tips on budget travels, must-do things before and after travelling, tourist attraction, best beaches in the Philippines, budget airline tickets and airfares, best spot family vacations, must-visit in a certain place, kids-friendly travels, travel games, outdoor activities. Its all about our adventures and misadventures while travelling.

Worth’s World
Come see the world through the eyes of the Worthingtons’.
Worth’s World is a family travel blog that documents our journey, travel, vacations, getaways and whereabouts. Also tackles some signs that we saw on the road and funny pictures. Topics include, but are not limited to sports, random events, politics, technology, and issues for both men and women.

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