Where to Buy a New Car

Just like anyone, I was realizing my ride was lacking in most important departments: the cool department, the reliable department, and the comfortable department (mostly because, having no ride, my alternative was public transportation which is, shall we say, not so comfortable!). So I found myself in the market for a new car. I shopped around online and on other mediums and found one nearby me, specifically a fantastic Nissan Dealer in Ontario. The website was easy to use, listing the cars they had on the lot, and some Nissan Specials in Ontario. I live near Ontario, so I hopped on down (actually asked a friend for a lift) and perused the awesome Nissans, both new and pre-owned.

If you’ve ever been to a dealer before, you know how up in your face the salespeople can be – not the case at this dealership. They let it be known that they were around, ready to help if I had any questions, but also not shoving paperwork in my grill saying buy buy buy, sign here, what are you waiting for. I did have questions and talked to a great, knowledgeable salesperson, who let me test drive a Sentra and an Altima, both in my price range. I’m not a huge shopper, so I wasn’t about to spend a month of Sundays in a pursuit of some sort of fictitious “perfect car,” I went with the Sentra, because it felt great, looked cool, and I already knew that Nissans were as reliable as they come. It met my criteria and I felt extremely comfortable with the entire process. Now I’m cruising in style.

It all started with a google search and finding this site: http://www.metronissanmontclair.com. Next time I or a loved one needs a car, I’m sending them here! I’m in love!

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