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Visit to the NBP

One of my memorable trips when I was working was that of the trip at the Maximum Security Compound of the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. The purpose was an interview with inmate who perform tattoo using improvised gadgets. I was able to keep this image to show you how the tattoo artist used handmade tattooing tool covered with thick layers of thread. The man holding the gadget was a known tattoo artist at the tightly-guarded area. Another inmate proudly showed the tattoo designs on his back. Tattoos are permanent so just in case the inmates want to have their tattoo removed, the tattoo artist doesn’t have a tattoo remover. The artist can only modify the tattoo, but cannot remove it.

Helicopter ride

I was a stringer for a government news agency when I first rode a helicopter. We were on our way to Camp Nakar in Quezon for an official coverage. I admit I was a bit nervous during the flight. Who would not get nervous when all that was holding me to my seat was a loose seat belt and the door was not even closed so I could feel the cold wind touching my face while we were flying.

After a few minutes in the air, I was already enjoying the short flight to the province even if we were actually flying in the “unsafe” zone for the military. Our military companions were in battle gear and holding rifles which are expected of them. I, however, was armed not with a rifle but with tape recorder for the interview. Riding an aircraft was one of the best parts of my old job.

Fighting boredom while traveling

Traveling long distance is not my husband’s cup of tea. Good thing he was able to find himself an inexpensive means of entertainment while traveling to and from work. He got a cellphone with tv feature. Now he can watch his favorite program through his cellphone. He can also catch up on late night news. The tv frame may be small but the reception is clear he just have to pull the long cellphone antenna that looks like smaller tv antennas.

Mobile phone with tv feature is useful when traveling long distance. However, make sure you’re not the one driving when you watch from your cellphone.