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The Shrine of the Divine Mercy, Marilao Bulacan

I haven’t gone to any churches for the traditional Visita Iglesia this Holy Week. However, I’m sharing some photos that I took during my son’s fieldtrip to the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Marilao, Bulacan last year.

The Shrine is home to replicas of saints and pious people in the Catholic Religion. You can feel the sanctity of the place. Some parents or chaperon of kids got a few minutes to kneel and pray to the saints.

The Shrine is situated in a vast portion of land in Marilao, Bulacan. We haven’t really seen the whole place except the church area, so I can’t really tell if there is designated camping and picnic area that would allow visitors to cook.

If you are near the area, maybe you can include the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in your list of churches to visit this Lenten season.

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