Choose Your Safari in Botswana

If you have not been to Botswana, you have probable never seen wildlife so close before. The thing about Botswana is its safaris. There are just a lot to choose from. The safaris in Botswana are just abundant. There are private parks and there are also public parks that are available. These parks offer different things and it is up to you to choose which one you would like to experience.

There are some people who cannot choose so they end up going through different safaris. While you may also do this, remember that the different parks or the different environments that you will experience in the process might be too much for you to take in a limited amount of time. It is recommended that for you to fully enjoy your vacation, choose just one safari trip. At this point, you may be wondering how you are going to choose. Here are some things that you can ponder on:

If you do not have any knowledge about dealing with wild animals at all, it might be a better idea if you would just choose a public park. This way, there are certain areas that you can stay in and there are also certain areas that you cannot visit because it is too dangerous.

Private parks might be appreciated more by a lot of people because there are no inhibitions. People do not have to share certain spots with other people.

The tents in Botswana are different from the camping tents that you are probably accustomed to. Most of the spots there have luxurious accommodations and you will enjoy your stay very well.


Botswana is a wonderful place to visit. It is different from other places that you might have visited before. If you are interested in animals and the wildlife, this may be a good place to visit. Just remember that you should plan your trip in advance so that you can prepare the items that you are going to bring. The climate in Botswana is similar to that of Africa. You are recommended to visit from June to August. This is when the season is clearer than usual although it can get very cold at night.

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