How To Properly Store Your Coins

Coin collecting or investing may sound boring for most people, but it is a serious business for the people who do collect them. Acquiring rare coins is only a part of the process. The majority of the process concerns of keeping your coins safe and in perfect condition. This may sound easy to do, but its not. These coins need special storage units to keep them from deteriorating since even air, humidity and dust can contribute to its deterioration.

There are basically two important points when storing and preserving rare coins. First is how to properly store them individually. Second is how to properly store them in groups or an entire set.

Environment of the coin storage is very important when it comes to storing them individually or in groups. The most important factors to consider are light, humidity and temperature.

It is best that you store your rare coins in an environment with consistent low to moderate temperature. Low humidity is also very important that is why it is advisable to place packets of silica gels on your storage units since they absorb moisture very well. The lesser amount of light your coins are exposed to the better and never expose your coins to direct sunlight.

For storing group of coins, it is best that you store them in containers designed for such purposes like coin box sets. You can also use cardboard storage box and they can easily be stacked on top of the other. However, if you use such boxes, it is best that you to protect your coins individually with packaging designed for individual packing before you place them inside a cardboard coin box. There are advantages of using such boxes though, you can store other items such as gold coin pendant or other jewelries inside them just in case you dispose your coins without the boxes.

You can also store your coin sets using albums and folders. The great thing about these is if they properly used, they offer great protection from handling and wear. However, a word of caution, coins may react negatively to the chemicals present in the plastic covers. If you do not have high quality albums, then it is not a good idea to use them for long term. Your coins are still exposed to moisture and light, which is not a good thing. If the plastic covers are constantly sliding in and out, it may scratch the coins.

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