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My Boracay dream

Photo owned by my niece. This was taken in Boracay in 2011 during her brief vacation in the famous tourist destination. I still dream that I could set foot in this place one day… someday…

Boracay Sunset

I have yet to set foot in the pristine beaches of Boracay. My niece who just came from a brief vacation in Boracay is telling a lot of good things about the place including the breath-taking sunset. I want to be in her shoes and witness the setting of the sun for myself. If going to Boracay is not feasible at the moment then these awesome photographs would be enough to satisfy my longing.

Given my fascination with nature, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by this scene.

While at it, I almost forgot that I was looking for related studies about malibu rehab treatment center. I was distracted for a while.

I told hubby about it (future Boracay adventure) and he promised that he will bring our family to Boracay someday…